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    Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

    Your home always at the ideal temperature

    In this section of Jocca Shop you will find everything you need to create adequate temperature conditions for the interior of your home, office and even outdoors.

    Start enjoying the comfort of quality air conditioning in your home with our quality ventilation, cooling and air conditioning equipment at Jocca Shop.

    Everyone looks forward to the heat sore, but no one is funny when the temperatures squeeze, especially at night. When the breeze does not run, even though the windows are wide open, you should check our best cold solutions at Jocca Shop.

    What can I buy in this category?

    Fans, industrial fans, tower fans, desk fans, floor fans, air conditioners, ECO air conditioners, 3 in 1 air conditioners, mini air conditioners

    Types of fans

    Fans not only consume less, cool the environment and act as a repellent for flying insects, such as mosquitoes.

    Industrial fans are ideal for rooms where high temperatures are easily reached and where the air needs to be moved and renewed. They are perfect for large and outdoor stays

    Tower fans are modern, sophisticated and sterilized. They occupy very little so you can place it where you need it most and you can also use it at night. Its 180 ° maximum oscillation function distributes the freshness evenly throughout the room.

    Standing fans are not very loud and very powerful. Very simple to use, since it is enough to press a button, you can adjust the height, position and various speeds to adapt it to the environment and the heat at that time.

    Air conditioners

    The air conditioner allows to reduce some degrees inside a room. It can also intervene in the management of room humidity, as well as reduce static electricity. They last longer and allow to prevent the risks of dehydration, especially in the case of children and the elderly, the most sensitive to heat. It does not need works for its installation.

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    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or questions about the different products. Make the best choice for your needs with the help of our professional advisors, we help you make the best and most efficient purchase in Jocca Shop.