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    • £24.75

      The JOCCA Aroma Diffuser creates a soothing atmosphere with soft changing colours and a calming stream of mist. The elegant design is suitable for any room and being almost silent is perfect for use when sleeping. Add aromatherapy oils to further transform the experience.

    • £24.75

      Create a warm friendly glow with the JOCCA Paper Floor Lamp. This sturdy Floor Lamp, featuring a cream paper shade in tall block design. With an elegant and modern design, the JOCCA Paper Floor Lamp is very easy to place in any corner. 

    • £1.65

      Decor your garden with this beautiful and simple JOCCA Garden Windmill. With dimensions of 34x87 cm, the JOCCA Garden Windmill is perfect to give to your yard that perfect touch of summer, spring and joy.

    • The JOCCA Himalayan Salt Lamps it’s like having an open window, a softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air on your desk, in your living room, next to the bed, or anywhere you choose to put it. Thanks to the curative properties of the Himalayan Salt, this JOCCA Lamps cleanses and deodorizes the air, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms and eases...

    • £8.22

      Saquito de semillas con forma de peluche, para aliviar molestias musculares y para aliviar el frío. Usar estos saquitos de semillas en los días de invierno para no sentir tanto frío es una maravilla, si tienes peques en casa les encantará ya que dispones de 4 modelos diferentes de peluche, hay saquito de semillas con forma de perro, de oso, de gato y de...

    • £8.18

      The JOCCA Italian Espresso Maker features a high quality aliminium body, a soft touch ergonimcal handle and comes in 6 cup sizes. The JOCCA 6 cup Italian Espresso Maker is not only stylish but hard wearing too, the classic espresso actually improves with age.

    • £8.22

      This Soap Dispenser by JOCCA has a 700ml capacity. It is perfect for hand soap and dish washing soap. Made of stainless steel, the JOCCA Soap Dispenser is perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom.

    • £3.72

      The JOCCA Turntable Stand swivels your TV 360º in any direction so you can get a great view from wherever your sitting. The wide TV Swivel Stand saves lot of space in your living room or bedroom and can be combined with any kind of furniture. Dimensions : 53.5x30.5x20cm

    • £16.45

      The JOCCA Pop Up Play Tent is perfect for creating a fun play area. It features a colourful design, front door and castle design. It's great for encouraging imaginative role-play as it makes the perfect hide-away den for children. Pops up in seconds. Compact and easy to store. Promotes physical activity. Your children will have their little own home....

    • £16.54

      Cestas de plástico Jocca, unas cajas de plástico apilables ideales para tener todos tus cosas recogidas y que darán a tus habitaciones un toque moderno a la vez que formal. Estas cajas de plástico apilables son ideales para tener todo organizador, tienen gran capacidad de almacenaje con lo que te permitirá ordenar perfectamente lo que necesites.  Son muy...

    • £8.22

      Measures: 30x30x30 cm 100% PVC

    • £12.36

      With a chaniging colour LED providing an ambient glow, and the included remote control, the JOCCA Led Candles offer the perfect solution for adding a bit of warmth to your space. 3 different sizes: 10cm, 12.4cm and 7.3cm.

    • £3.10

      Vinilos decorativos para ventanas Set de navidad Leer más abajo

    • £10.12

      It can be used as a pillow,cushion or decoration. 100% polyester

    • £4.92

      Door Christmas wreath Wood and polyester Size: 32.5 cm diameter

    • £12.40

      Puzzle metálico diferentes modelos a elegir. Déjanos un comnetario con tu elección. Más detalles abajo

    • £5.74

      Nunca llegue tarde gracias a estos bonitos relojes de paredDele un diseño especial a su casa Cuentan con un diseño romántico, que le transportarán directamente a la ciudad del amorEn su parte trasera se puede encontrar un sistema que le permitirá colocarlo en la pared muy fácilmente Dimensión de la esfera: 33cm de diámetro

    • £10.70

      Set of 3 stackable wicker basketsRemovable fabric for easy washingIdeal for storing and storing all kinds of articles and organizing cabinets and shelvesNatural color

    • £13.44

      Alfombras infantiles, estas alfombras puzzle con diseño de letras seran todo un verdadero juego para los peques de la casa.  Las alfombras puzzle Jocca son educativas y harán que los queques pasen un rato maravilloso. Estas alfombras infantiles están compuesta por 10 fichas de medidas: 32cm x 32cm. No dudes en comprar estas alfombras infantiles.  

    • £99.13

      The JOCCA Massaging Bed Rest is designed for reading or working while sitting in the bed. It's designed to provide back support and comfort.With two different intensity settings, the JOCCA Backrest Pillow gives incredible massages and also includes a soothing heat function. The JOCCA Massaging Bed Rest is a versatile product which has many uses: can be...

    Showing 1 - 24 of 38 items