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    • The JOCCA Stepper is perfect to eliminate any extra pounding by home exercising. This easy-to-assemble tool is a low-impact way to take the first steps in improving your overall health. The JOCCA Stepper includes a monitor lets you know how many steps you've taken and the amount of calories you've burned. 

    • Whether you are looking to tone and strengthen, improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit, the JOCCA Fitness Ball is easy to use and effective. Increase the results of any exercise performed on the ground by moving it onto the JOCCA Fitness Ball.

    • The JOCCA Abdominal Bench enables you to adapt the intensity of each exercise and also to target different muscles in your torso.

    • The JOCCA Stretch Resistance Tube is perfect for home-exercising. Exercise your whole body with the same item and forget about expensive gyms and weir machines. The JOCCA Stretch Resistance Band will allow you to deepen your stretch and increase your flexibility.

    • The JOCCA Balance Air Pad can help you to tone and shape your body, as well as improve balance, lose weight, and help prevent injuries. The Balance Air Pad is made from a tough, durable, vinyl material and features a spiked surface which provides constant stimulation.

    • The JOCCA Pedal Exerciser will be your best ally during this winter. With the JOCCA Foldable Pedal Exerciser you will be able to do sports even if outside is cold or rainy. Run and get your JOCCA Pedal Exerciser at this amazing price!

    • Pedaleador Jocca, un pedaleador digital negro, un práctico pedaleador digital con el que podrás realizar ejercicio sin salir de casa.  Este pedaleador, tiene un diseño ergonómico y moderno, incluye pies antideslizantes para un mejor pedaleo y una pantalla digital para llevar el control del tiempo, calorías consumidas y pedaleos realizados.

    • The JOCCA Yoga and Pilates Set is the perfect Kit for these two activities. Whether you're looking for increased flexibility or a workout that challenges the body, the JOCCA Yoga and Pilates Set is the ideal way to ease yoga and pilates into your day.

    • The JOCCA Digital Mini Exercise Bike is a very useful home exercise article. Exercise your legs and arms without going outside. No matter if is rainy or cold weather, do home exercise with JOCCA.

    • Tone and strengthen your abdominal, oblique and core muscles with this fantastic AB Exerciser from JOCCA. It features a padded headrest to help reduce stress on the neck and spine as well as helping to ensure you perform the exercise correctly.

    Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items