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    • £8.18

      Báscula de cocina de vidrio plana de marca Jocca. Más información abajo.

    • £41.28

      The JOCCA Vertical Rotisserie Grill is very easy to use. Fill with your favourite food  and slide the door shut. With two innovative rotation systems, the JOCCA Vertical Rotisserie Grill is perfect for chicken and also kebab, vegetables and much more. Easy to use, clean and assemble, you can use it outdoors and enjoy the great summer nights.

    • £16.49

      The JOCCA Juicer will help you effortlessly to squeeze & juice citrus fruits for a healthy start of the day.  Smart automatic press down on/off switch once plugged. It automatically switches off when pressure on the cone is lifte.  Rotation in both directions to take all the juice available in the fruit.

    • £10.70

      With the JOCCA juicer you will enjoy the most fresh and natural juice with no kind of additives on it.

    • £17.31

      With the JOCCA Food Steamer you can cook tasty recipes with no oil. Start now a healthy lifestyle with JOCCA. With the two tier Food Steamer you can cook fish, vegetables, potatoes and much more at the same time! Cook with no oil!

    • £5.79

      This tough plastic JOCCA Kitchen Scale is a great value, practical addition to your kitchen. It accurately measures to the nearest 1g/0.1 oz. Completely electronic, you can measure and weight all the ingredients with the JOCCA Kitchen Scale. Maximum Weight: 5kgs

    • £19.71 £24.71

      The JOCCA Personal Blender is perfect to prepair smoothies, juices and milkshakes. Besides, it is perfect to take away and carry it with you during sports or any other activity.  Four stainless steel blades to liquefy a great variety of food. Completely removable for an easy cleaning. The cover is perfect to drink directly from the bottle and avoid...

      £19.71 £24.71
    • £172.73

      With the JOCCA Air Fryer you can cook up to 1kg of healthy and delicious chips with only a spoonfull of oil. Enjoy the tastiest meals while you stay in shape. You can cook lots of recipes.  The JOCCA Air Fryer includes protection against overheating and also a cool touch handle.

    • £28.84

      Blend smoothies, frozen drinks and much more with style with the JOCCA Mason Jar Blender. This versatile kit includes all the accesories you need to blend beverages easier. With 4 stainless steel blades, you can blender from everyday brakfast juice or fancy weekend cocktails. Includes 2 glass jar, with 500ml capacity and metallic lids with straws.

    • £128.93

      Get up to 50% more juice with this cold press technology juicer, ideal to preserve vitamins and nutrients. Continuous extraction system Two different exits: One for the juice and one for fibers. Minimum food oxidation It has a squeezing screw that presses the fruit, does not grind it Switch with 3 positions: stopped, turned on and reverse Includes 2 1L...

    • £41.24

      The JOCCA Electric Griddle is perfect to cook any meat, fish, eggs or vegetables in a very healthy way. With a big cooking surface, the JOCCA Electric Griddle includes a removable drip tray, making cleaning up easier. Great heat distribution, you will cook all over the surface at the same time. Dimensions below.

    • £24.75

      - Non-stick rice cooker with steamer function. - Capacity: 1 Litre (5 cups) - Includes: aluminum container, steam cooking tray, opening button, spoon, safety valve, status indicator leds, steel exterior, glass and handle.

    Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items