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    • The JOCCA Travel Pillow is the perfect travelling accesory you can find. Can be used like neck support or eye mask. Perfect for the airplane or long road trips, with the JOCCA Travel Pillow you will have a comfortable journey anywhere you go. Light weight and compact.

    • Get in JOCCA the popular Mermaid Tail Blanket. With its original mermaid tail design, this mermaid blanket is made to suit every season day or night in an assortment of places from th ebed to the couch and the beach.

    • The JOCCA Gel Seat Pad is designed to provide proper pelvic support. The JOCCA Gel Seat Pad will mould itself to your shape and hold that shape. The JOCCA Gel Seat Pad distributes the weight uniformely and reduces pressure points, providing you with enhanced comfort.

    • Get rid of pet hair, lint, dust and others with the JOCCA Lint Remover Rollers. With a sticky head, the JOCCA Lint Remover includes 3 different rollers: one for curtains and tops, the other one for sofas, chairs and clothes and a smaller one, for difficult access places.

    • This JOCCA Sewing Kit contains everything you need to get sewing. The JOCCA Sewing Kit includes fabric scissors, safety pins, needles, pins, elastics and much more.

    • White plastic bag dispenser. An easy and comfortable way of storing your plastic bags and have them at hand.  Can be hanged on the wall or inside a closet. The access holes will help you pull a single bag at a time. Size 44 x 16 x 13 cm. It can be placed without any screws, includes adhesives for easy placement.

    • The JOCCA Led Wardrobe Hanger Bar is an easy-to-install illuminated rod. Perfect for closets with no electricity or to dress up without waking up anyone, the JOCCA Led Wardrobe Hanger Bar is very easy to assemble. Suitable for wardrobes of 80cm, available in more sizes to.

    • Store your kitchenware and cutlery safely in your drawers with the JOCCA Anti Slip Drawer Cover. With a size of 50cm x 150cm, cut it with normal scissors to adapt it to the size you want.

    • This Soap Dispenser by JOCCA has a 700ml capacity. It is perfect for hand soap and dish washing soap. Made of stainless steel, the JOCCA Soap Dispenser is perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom.

    • Vasos de plástico. Set de 4 unidades

    • ESTANTERIA DE BAÑO CON ARMARIO Ahorra mucho espacio en tu baño. Esta estantería ideal para aseos o baños de pequeñas dimensiones, te dará la posibilidad de tener la zona ordenada y todo en su sitio. Ahorra mucho espacio en el baño. Ideal para tenerlo todo bien organizado y siempre a mano.Dimensiones: 193.5x65x22.5 cmColor: Blanco

    • Cojín para sofá Jocca, estos cojines para sofás resultan muy prácticos para tener en la habitación, en el salón o para llevar en el coche para largos viajes. Son cojines para sofás que se convierten en edredón con sólo un movimiento.  Los cojines para sofás ocupan muy poco espacio tan solo 45cm x 45cm y resultan muy cómodos, y se convierten en grandes...

    • - Un elemento de seguridad imprescindible en las casas con bebés y niños pequeños previene del peligro de portazos- Se instala en cualquier puerta de casa facilmente- Protege a tu familia de desafortunados accidentes domésticos - Largo: 9 cm * Ancho: 9.50 cm * Alto: 2 cm

    • The JOCCA Blanket Cushion easily zips open to convert from a padded cushion to full cotton blanket. Perfect for sporting events, car travel, tailgating, picnics, camping, summer concerts and much more. save space with the JOCCA Blanket Cushions.

    Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items