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    • £57.77

      If you are looking for a water cooler that is compact and simple, then you need the JOCCA Water Dispenser. This water dispenser is a must have in any home or office. Very compact and easy to use, the JOCCA Water Dispenser has a 7litres cooling water tank. Take cold or room temperature water.

    • £10.66

      Wake up quietly and in a tranquil way with the JOCCA Alarm Clock. The JOCCA Alarm Clock includes 7 different colours:  orange, green, light blue, pink, dark blue, purple and yellow. Besides, it includes 5 different natural sounds:  farm, forest, cuckoo, waterfall and natural sounds.

    • £41.24

      The JOCCA Steam Station is a powerful and efficient iron, ideal for the everyday use. Iron all your clothes without effort. It includes a variable temperature control with thermostat and a detachable water tank of 600ml.

    • £8.22

      - 90-250V ~ 50/60Hz- Power max: 19.000W- Dimensions: 13.5*3.5*3.5 cm - To save charges of the electricity bills without diary consuming limits.- The energy saver tested and certificated - Protects the electric appliances from electric mains overloading.

    • £28.88

      The JOCCA Steam Cleaner is a handheld-steam cleaner. The JOCCA Steam-Cleaner heat up water and produce steam in order to clean surfaces at high pressure. Shift dirt and grease and kill bacteria fast and efficiently with the JOCCA Steam Cleaner.

    • £32.98

      SEWING MACHINE - Light and portable sewing machine. - Double stitching. - Battery operated, or connected to the mains electricity supply using the adaptor supplied. - Accessories: Pedal, power supply adaptor, 4 bobbins, 1 needle, and 1 threader. SEWING KIT - With 138 accessories

    • £32.98

      Warm up your bed in a few minutes with this Heated Underblanket by JOCCA. With three different heat settings, you can have a warm and cosy night's sleep. Measures 150x80 cm

    • £28.88

      The JOCCA Window Vacuum Cleaner is a comfortable, compact, easy handling and useful appliance. Spray the window cleaner over the glass surface. Wipe it with a scourer and remove the dirty water with the JOCCA Window Vacuum Cleaner.

    • £20.62

      The powerful features of the JOCCA 2400W Steam Iron ensures garments are effectively ironed. With a non-stick ceramic soleplate, the JOCCA Steam Iron is perfect for the everyday use. Dry, steam, spray and continous steam ironing.

    • £29.71

      With the JOCCA Heated Electric Clothes Airer, no matter the weather. You can dry your clothes with ease with this 100 watt electric airer. The JOCCA Heated Airer is made from stainless steel and it has a 6.4 metres clothes a¡hanging area.

    • £24.71

      - Light, compact, portable. - Double stitching. - Battery/electricity supply operation. - Plug in adaptor. - Accessories: pedal, 4 bobbins, 1 needle, 1 threader. - Dimensions: 18x20x13cm

    • £10.70

      The JOCCA Bluetooth Speaker has all the acoustic essentials that normally come only with a big speaker. That's why it sound clear and loud with surprising good bass. It's also splashproof and you can take it anywhere or anytime. Besides, tha JOCCA Bluetooth Speaker is really far reaching wireless with FM Radio and suitable also to answer calls, it...

    • £10.70

      Barra con 6 luces leds para interior de cajones o armarios. Ver detalles más abajo

    • £11.53

      The JOCCA Wireless Weather Station comes with a wireless outdoor transmitter. Depending on the model you select, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and other types of weather information can all be monitored within the comfort of your home. 

    • £70.21

      The cyclonic vacuum cleaner does not require a bag thanks to its technology that collects dirt through air filters. This quality makes it much lighter and thanks to its 5 level air filters it can collect even the most subtle dust from the floor.It is suitable for all types of floors, includes an accessory for cleaning corners and less accessible places, a...

    • £106.61

      Masajeadores Jocca, unos fantásticos masajeadores, gran gama de masajeadores, en concreto este colchón masajeador resulta totalmente práctico. - Colchón masajeador con 5 zonas de masaje: masaje para cuello, para espalda, masaje para lumbares, masaje de los gemelos y muslos. - Diferentes intensidades. - Función de calor calmante. - Medidas: 172cm largo...

    • £33.98

      JOCCA Sewing Kit contains everything you need to get sewing. The JOCCA Sewing Kit includes a portable sewing machine  and sewing kit thjat incluides fabric scissors, safety pins, needles, pins, elastics and much more. - Light, compact, portable. - Double stitching. - Battery/electricity supply operation. - Plug in adaptor. - Accessories: pedal, 4 bobbins,...

    • £13.22

      Give your clothes a fresh lease of life with the JOCCA Lint Remover. Powered by 2AA batteries, this machine features a rotary action blade with an adjustable shave height. The JOCCA Lint Remover includes 3 cutting blades, with blade protecting top for safe and gentle function.

    Showing 1 - 24 of 30 items