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    • £13.14

      - Ventilator function. - Pilot light.- Adjustable temperature. - 2 heating levels. - Non-sliding feet.- 220 - 240V ~ 50Hz- Size: 29*25 cm

    • £21.40

      This 220-240 V JOCCA Convector Heater is perfect to warm up your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or corridor. With 3 different heating powers, and an adjustable thermostat control, the JOCCA Convector Heater allows you to keep the temperature regulated.

    • £20.62

      This 220-240V Quarz Heater is perfect to warm up those freezing cold winter nights. With two independent quarz tubes, the JOCCA Quarz heater  offers a high intensity heat.

    • £10.62 £20.62

      This JOCCA Flat Fan Heater is thermostatically controlled with two heat settings and a cool setting. It can be placed vertically or horizontally, both positions guarantee the perfect use of the fan. The temperature can be adjusted thanks to the temperature selector.

      £10.62 £20.62
      Reduced price!
    • £84.30

      Product characteristics- Uniform and high intensity heat- 3 independent power selectors- Handle for easy transport- 3 independent halogen tubes- Front safety grille- 70º oscillating body- Roll over safety systemTechnical description- 220-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz

    • £21.40

      This 220-240V fan heater it's the best heater you will find in the market. Very easy to use, it includes a temperaure regulator and two different heat settings.

    • £18.14

      The JOCCA Flat Fan Heater is extremely light and easy to manoeuvre and great for those looking to save space.  With two heat settings and two functions, the JOCCA Flat Fan Heater heats quickly any room.

    • £20.62

      The JOCCA Ceramic Heater is perfect to warm up your rooms. This handy ceramic heater is ideal for taking the chill off those winter nights. The thermostatic control enables you to manage the desired temperature conveniently and efficiently so that your room maintains the correct level of warmth. Besides, the ceramic heater oscilates 60º and distributes...

    • Fan heater for all kind of enviroment and needs. Compact and funny design with easy carry handle3 modes selector: 2 heat modes ( 1000W/ 2000W) and one fan mode.Adjustable selector to control the temperature automaticallyAnti-fall safety system

    • £14.83

      Get an uniform heat thanks to its PTC resistanceSwitch on/off bottomOverheat protectionSafe-space designLow noise and consumption.500W

    • £74.34

      ECOCLIMATE 220 Heating and cooling air conditioner with humidifier function to prevent air drying. With 3 functions in 1. Long range mode, ideal for any room:Three alternative intensity modesTilting action  - 220-240V ~ 50Hz

    • £57.81

      Works with: propane, butane or a mixture of both Consumes app. 0.27 kg per hour Parts: aluminium reflector, burner, stainless steel post, ABS body. Safety system cuts off gas when flame goes out Only for outdoor use only Propane gas cat: 13p Dimensions: 55 cm Ø x 92,5 cm (2 units discount £99,90)

    • £20.58

      Sprayer Fan, ideal to forget about the heat. Water tank capacity: 350 ml. Measures: 22 x 10 x 7,5 cm. Funcions on 2 AA batteries (not included)

    Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

    Your home always at the ideal temperature

    In this section of Jocca Shop you will find everything you need to create adequate temperature conditions for the interior of your home, office and even outdoors.

    Start enjoying the comfort of quality air conditioning in your home with our heating equipment with the quality of Jocca Shop.

    No one likes to be cold at home or work. Although most sites are equipped with heating, either individual or central, sometimes it is not enough. That's why in Jocca Shop we give you a multitude of solutions in heat. We have the best offers and prices.

    What can I buy in this category?

    Heaters, electric heaters, halogen heaters, ceramic heaters, mini heaters, convectors, thermo fans, 3 in 1 air conditioners, eco air conditioners, wall stoves and outdoor gas stoves among many other options.

    Differences between convector and heater

    Convectors are electrical devices that directly heat the air that passes through resistors that are heated using electric current. The main difference between a convector and a heater is that the heater incorporates a fan while in the convector the air passes through the resistor naturally. The heaters have enough power and are 100% efficient, that is, all the electricity they consume converts it into heat.

    They produce immediate heat in a simple and economical way, as the hot air weighs less ascends and heats the room where the convector or heater is installed. In both cases they are economical, do not require installation and have a low consumption in small rooms.

    Winter fans

    Fans are not just for summer. Thermo fans are proof of this. They are famous for their small size becoming an ideal option in the home for its lightness and easy storage. They provide hot air almost instantly upon activation. They are especially recommended for homes where there are pets or small children, since it is practically impossible for them to burn if they accidentally collide or tamper with the heat fan.

    Offers and promotions all year in Jocca Shop

    Jocca Shop has offers, coupons and air conditioning promotions. Offers in heaters, offers in stoves and offers in air conditioners. Promotions on heaters, promotions on stoves and promotions on air conditioners. Coupons to buy heaters, coupons to buy stoves and coupons to buy air conditioners.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or questions about the different products. Make the best choice for your needs with the help of our professional advisors, we help you make the best and most efficient purchase in Jocca Shop.