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    • £32.98

      With the JOCCA Multi-function Kitchen Robot, enjoy the straightforward food preparation with the capability to shred, cut and grate within seconds. This multi-slicer is a must have. It includes 5 different cones: fine grater, coarse grater, fine slicer, thick slicer and shredder. Besides, you can use it as a juicer or to add your toppings.

    • £49.55

      DISPONIBLE EN JUNIO Batidora amasadora de Jocca. Más información en la descripción.

    • £8.18

      Báscula de cocina de vidrio plana de marca Jocca. Más información abajo.

    • £42.98

      The JOCCA Hand Blender is proven to produce fine and even results. The anti-splash feature ensures extra light, simple activation, meaning a spotless kitchen. Compact and convenient: super compact for minimal storage space. Includes a 600ml glass.

    • £41.24

      Freidoras Jocca, estas freidoras Jocca facilitan mucho la labor en la cocina. Una freidora de 3 litros de capacidad con un moderno diseño que quedará genial en tu cocina.  Las freidoras Jocca, resultas unas freidoras baratas con una calidad increíble. Esta freidora discpone de cubeta extraíble, cesta para freir, luz de encendido y apagado, tapa de acero...

    • £24.75

      - Non-stick rice cooker with steamer function. - Capacity: 1 Litre (5 cups) - Includes: aluminum container, steam cooking tray, opening button, spoon, safety valve, status indicator leds, steel exterior, glass and handle.

    • £45.41

      Meat grinder with accessories (3 stainless steel choppers of different thickness, 2 sausage funnel, 1 kebbe accessory) 5 cutting functions Reverse function for desalting food Easy to clean Non-slip feet

    • £21.40

      With a sleek design and gloss black finish this JOCCA 4 Slice Toaster is packed with handy features to help create your perfect slice. The JOCCA 4 Slice Toaster can hold 4 standard slices or just a bigger loaf bread slice. The JOCCA 4 Slice Toaster has 7 different toasting settings and a stop button.

    • £24.75

      The JOCCA Vertical Toaster is very useful to toast breads of different thickness. It includes a practical bar to hold the bread and a cool touch handle. 

    • £24.71

      This JOCCA Silver Toaster is of a high quality stainless steel. With two slices capacity, the JOCCA Silver Toaster includes 3 functions: heat, defrost and cancel. It offers 7 different toast settings.

    • £41.28

      Cooking with the JOCCA Portable Induction Hob is fast, clean and easy to clean up after. The JOCCA Portable Induction Hob gives you the flexibility to cook just about anywhere with a power supply. Tactile controls without buttons with the function 'Touch-Sensor' to help the surface cleaning. 19.5cm diameter surface, suitable for big pans.

    • £57.77

      If you are looking for a water cooler that is compact and simple, then you need the JOCCA Water Dispenser. This water dispenser is a must have in any home or office. Very compact and easy to use, the JOCCA Water Dispenser has a 7litres cooling water tank. Take cold or room temperature water.

    • £28.84

      Blend smoothies, frozen drinks and much more with style with the JOCCA Mason Jar Blender. This versatile kit includes all the accesories you need to blend beverages easier. With 4 stainless steel blades, you can blender from everyday brakfast juice or fancy weekend cocktails. Includes 2 glass jar, with 500ml capacity and metallic lids with straws.

    • £41.28

      The JOCCA Vertical Rotisserie Grill is very easy to use. Fill with your favourite food  and slide the door shut. With two innovative rotation systems, the JOCCA Vertical Rotisserie Grill is perfect for chicken and also kebab, vegetables and much more. Easy to use, clean and assemble, you can use it outdoors and enjoy the great summer nights.

    • £11.53


    • £16.49

      The JOCCA Juicer will help you effortlessly to squeeze & juice citrus fruits for a healthy start of the day.  Smart automatic press down on/off switch once plugged. It automatically switches off when pressure on the cone is lifte.  Rotation in both directions to take all the juice available in the fruit.

    • £10.70

      With the JOCCA juicer you will enjoy the most fresh and natural juice with no kind of additives on it.

    • £8.22

      Aprovecha la multitud de ventajas que tiene comprar una cafetera de goteo Jocca, ahora ya puedes comprar tu cafetera de goteo Jocca. y preparar los mejores cafés. Ventajas de comprar una cafetera de goteo Jocca: En muy pocos minutos tendrás listo un delicioso y aromático café Muy sencilla de usar. Tiene capacidad para 4 o 6 tazas, ni sobrará ni faltará,...

    • £16.49

      The JOCCA Cupcake Maker is a complete and high quality Cupcake Maker. From sweet to savoury, there are endless possibilities. Simply pour the mixture into the non-sticky plates and, in minutes, your delicious Cupcakes will be ready. Try being extra creative by adding tasty raisins, rice crispies and more! Finally, add as much decoration as you wish!

    • £17.31

      Now you can enjoy ice-cream whenever you want with your own JOCCA Ice-cream Maker. Quick, fun and easy to use, the JOCCA Ice-cream Maker creates delicious ice cream every time, and you can choose the flavour.

    • £21.45

      The JOCCA Mini Burger Maker is perfect to impress your guests, have an informal social dinner or a great time with your kids. Cook 4 mini burgers simultaneously and forget about annoying frying pans and excesive fats: the grease drips in the tray for a healthier cooking.

    • £17.31

      With the JOCCA Food Steamer you can cook tasty recipes with no oil. Start now a healthy lifestyle with JOCCA. With the two tier Food Steamer you can cook fish, vegetables, potatoes and much more at the same time! Cook with no oil!

    • £5.79

      This tough plastic JOCCA Kitchen Scale is a great value, practical addition to your kitchen. It accurately measures to the nearest 1g/0.1 oz. Completely electronic, you can measure and weight all the ingredients with the JOCCA Kitchen Scale. Maximum Weight: 5kgs

    • £49.50

      With a classic, contemporary design, the JOCCA 4litre Mini Travel Fridge is a must-have accessory. Keep it in your bedroom, take it along with you in the car or out camping and having picnics. With space to store up to 6 regular size drink cans, this will keep all your food and drink nice and cool wherever you are! With an accesory to connect the fridge,...

    Showing 1 - 24 of 57 items