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    • £24.75

      - Non-stick rice cooker with steamer function. - Capacity: 1 Litre (5 cups) - Includes: aluminum container, steam cooking tray, opening button, spoon, safety valve, status indicator leds, steel exterior, glass and handle.

    • £37.15

      The JOCCA Hob Cover will complement any style of kitchen. The JOCCA Hob Cover does not only act like a lid to hide the gas hobs but also but also as an extra worktop. Ideal for small and non spacious kitchens. Give a sleek and stylish modern look to your kitchen with JOCCA.

    • £49.55

      DISPONIBLE EN JUNIO Batidora amasadora de Jocca. Más información en la descripción.

    • £42.98

      The JOCCA Hand Blender is proven to produce fine and even results. The anti-splash feature ensures extra light, simple activation, meaning a spotless kitchen. Compact and convenient: super compact for minimal storage space. Includes a 600ml glass.

    • £45.41

      Meat grinder with accessories (3 stainless steel choppers of different thickness, 2 sausage funnel, 1 kebbe accessory) 5 cutting functions Reverse function for desalting food Easy to clean Non-slip feet

    • £32.98

      With the JOCCA Multi-function Kitchen Robot, enjoy the straightforward food preparation with the capability to shred, cut and grate within seconds. This multi-slicer is a must have. It includes 5 different cones: fine grater, coarse grater, fine slicer, thick slicer and shredder. Besides, you can use it as a juicer or to add your toppings.

    • £8.18

      Báscula de cocina de vidrio plana de marca Jocca. Más información abajo.

    • £12.31

      Designed to perfectly complement your coffee machine, the JOCCA Capsule Holder in chrome will be a stylish addition to your kitchen. With capacity for 40 capsules, the JOCCA Capsule Holder will give to your kitchen a sophisticated touch.  Lightweight and compact, it is 37 cm tall.

    • £14.01

      The JOCCA 5in1 Slicer and Dicer includes 5 different types of blades and a multicutter function. With the JOCCA 5in1 Dicer you will be able to chop all type of vegetables and others. It also includes a mandolin function so you can chop safely and without cutting yourself small fruit or vegetables.

    • £41.24

      Freidoras Jocca, estas freidoras Jocca facilitan mucho la labor en la cocina. Una freidora de 3 litros de capacidad con un moderno diseño que quedará genial en tu cocina.  Las freidoras Jocca, resultas unas freidoras baratas con una calidad increíble. Esta freidora discpone de cubeta extraíble, cesta para freir, luz de encendido y apagado, tapa de acero...

    • £128.93

      Get up to 50% more juice with this cold press technology juicer, ideal to preserve vitamins and nutrients. Continuous extraction system Two different exits: One for the juice and one for fibers. Minimum food oxidation It has a squeezing screw that presses the fruit, does not grind it Switch with 3 positions: stopped, turned on and reverse Includes 2 1L...

    • £57.77

      If you are looking for a water cooler that is compact and simple, then you need the JOCCA Water Dispenser. This water dispenser is a must have in any home or office. Very compact and easy to use, the JOCCA Water Dispenser has a 7litres cooling water tank. Take cold or room temperature water.

    • £21.40

      With a sleek design and gloss black finish this JOCCA 4 Slice Toaster is packed with handy features to help create your perfect slice. The JOCCA 4 Slice Toaster can hold 4 standard slices or just a bigger loaf bread slice. The JOCCA 4 Slice Toaster has 7 different toasting settings and a stop button.

    • £24.75

      The JOCCA Vertical Toaster is very useful to toast breads of different thickness. It includes a practical bar to hold the bread and a cool touch handle. 

    • £24.71

      This JOCCA Silver Toaster is of a high quality stainless steel. With two slices capacity, the JOCCA Silver Toaster includes 3 functions: heat, defrost and cancel. It offers 7 different toast settings.

    • £17.31

      With the JOCCA Food Steamer you can cook tasty recipes with no oil. Start now a healthy lifestyle with JOCCA. With the two tier Food Steamer you can cook fish, vegetables, potatoes and much more at the same time! Cook with no oil!

    • £20.62

      Frying pan with 4 compartments, ideal for cooking food without mixing with each other. - Stone effect finish - Non-stick coating - Handle with cold touch - Suitable for vitroceramics, electric cooker and gas

    • £20.58

      The JOCCA 7in1 Slicer and Dicer includes 7 different types of blades and a multicutter function. With the JOCCA 7in1 Dicer you will be able to chop all type of vegetables and others. It also includes a mandolin function so you can chop safely and without cutting yourself small fruit or vegetables.

    • £8.06

      The JOCCA Glass Hob Cover features a stylish design and heat resistant properties, allowing you to stand dishes over cold hobs, increasing space in your kitchen. Besides, the JOCCA Glass Hob Cover can be also used as a cutting board as it is very resistant to any kind of impact.

    • £24.75

      The JOCCA Bamboo Cutting Board is the ultimate 'must have' in Kitchenware. Sturdy and smooth finished,when scratched and marked can be sanded dow and refinished to look new again. Besides, this JOCCA Bamboo Cutting Board incorporates a Silicone Funnel. Let your vegetables drain while you cut or chop them and put them into the pot or plate already dried....

    • £8.18

      The JOCCA Italian Espresso Maker features a high quality aliminium body, a soft touch ergonimcal handle and comes in 6 cup sizes. The JOCCA 6 cup Italian Espresso Maker is not only stylish but hard wearing too, the classic espresso actually improves with age.

    • £20.62

      The JOCCA Two Tier Dishrack has a plenty of drying space, so you can do big batches of washing up in one go. The dish rack also has a separate section for cutlery and hooks for glasses or cups, letting everything drip dry more easily. It has a drip tray underneath to protect your surfaces.

    • £20.62

      The JOCCA Worktop Protector Rods look great in all worktops: matt or gloss laminate, solid wood and granite. Remove a hot pan or pot from the hob without ruining your worktop with this Kitchen Surface Protector Rods by JOCCA.

    • £12.31

      Protect your table and countertops with this JOCCA Expandable Trivet. Great for large pots and casseroles. This JOCCA Expandable Trivet is essential for every kitchen. Made from stainless steel, adjusts to a variety of sizes for your convenience.

    Showing 1 - 24 of 169 items