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    • > Chopping boards

      Aquí encontrarás tablas de cortar de todo tipo. De la más barata a la más elegante. Materiales sintéticos o naturales como la madera de bambú.

    • > Cooking containers

      Menaje de cocina. Una amplia gama de recipientes de cocina con los mayores descuentos, menaje de cocina al mejor precio.

    • > Silicone utensils

      Utensilios de silicona muy prácticos para cocinar platos y postres sin que se te peguen los alimentos al fondo. Moldes de silicona, batidora manual, utensilios apra repostería.

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    • £12.31

      Designed to perfectly complement your coffee machine, the JOCCA Capsule Holder in chrome will be a stylish addition to your kitchen. With capacity for 40 capsules, the JOCCA Capsule Holder will give to your kitchen a sophisticated touch.  Lightweight and compact, it is 37 cm tall.

    • £16.49

      The JOCCA Multi-Purpose Sharpener sharpens all tipe of knives, scissors, and screwdrivers. Just insert the tool you want to sharpen and push the switch button. It includes adjustable grooves to sharpen different kind of tools.

    • £4.05

      SET DE 2 COLGADORES DE TRAPOS Tus trapos cerca de donde los necesites gracias a este set de 2 cuelga-trapos, los podrás colocar sin ningún tipo de instalación, ya que se incorpora un adhesivo súper resistente para colocarlos. Ideal para tu cocina.

    • £37.15

      The JOCCA Hob Cover will complement any style of kitchen. The JOCCA Hob Cover does not only act like a lid to hide the gas hobs but also but also as an extra worktop. Ideal for small and non spacious kitchens. Give a sleek and stylish modern look to your kitchen with JOCCA.

    • £20.62

      Frying pan with 4 compartments, ideal for cooking food without mixing with each other. - Stone effect finish - Non-stick coating - Handle with cold touch - Suitable for vitroceramics, electric cooker and gas

    • £6.57

      Si te falta sitio en el aseo para organizar tus toallas esta es tu solución, un práctico set de dos toalleros para cajón. Ventajas de comprar toalleros para cajón: Son válidos para cajones de 20mm. de grosor. Soporta un peso máximo de 5 Kg. Ahorran espacio en tu aseo, olvídate de los problemas de espacio para las toallas

    • £8.06

      The JOCCA Glass Hob Cover features a stylish design and heat resistant properties, allowing you to stand dishes over cold hobs, increasing space in your kitchen. Besides, the JOCCA Glass Hob Cover can be also used as a cutting board as it is very resistant to any kind of impact.

    • £26.45

      The JOCCA Bamboo Cutting Board with Tray is a practical cutting board. In addition to having a 36 x 27.5 cm cutting surface, the JOCCA Bamboo Cutting Board comes with a sliding tray that conveniently collects the food you slice and chop. This allows you to easily transfer food from the cutting board into your pot or plate.

    • £8.18

      The JOCCA Italian Espresso Maker features a high quality aliminium body, a soft touch ergonimcal handle and comes in 6 cup sizes. The JOCCA 6 cup Italian Espresso Maker is not only stylish but hard wearing too, the classic espresso actually improves with age.

    • £20.62

      The JOCCA Two Tier Dishrack has a plenty of drying space, so you can do big batches of washing up in one go. The dish rack also has a separate section for cutlery and hooks for glasses or cups, letting everything drip dry more easily. It has a drip tray underneath to protect your surfaces.

    • £20.58

      The JOCCA Whipping Siphon is an exclusive product designed specially for those foodies who are exploring and improving their kitchen skills. Perfect for carbonating, infusing or foaming, the JOCCA Whipping Siphon will help you to make delicious creams, sauces and much more.

    • £1.65

      Add details to your models, toppers, sugar flowers and much more with the JOCCA Cake Decorating Pen. Get two different thicknesses just squeezing the plastic nozzle.

    • £20.62

      The JOCCA Worktop Protector Rods look great in all worktops: matt or gloss laminate, solid wood and granite. Remove a hot pan or pot from the hob without ruining your worktop with this Kitchen Surface Protector Rods by JOCCA.

    • £12.31

      Protect your table and countertops with this JOCCA Expandable Trivet. Great for large pots and casseroles. This JOCCA Expandable Trivet is essential for every kitchen. Made from stainless steel, adjusts to a variety of sizes for your convenience.

    • £3.31

      Store your kitchenware and cutlery safely in your drawers with the JOCCA Anti Slip Drawer Cover. With a size of 50cm x 150cm, cut it with normal scissors to adapt it to the size you want.

    • £8.22

      The JOCCA Pineapple Slicer cores and slices a whole pineapple quickly and easily. Simply slice off the top of a fresh pineapple and twist the Slicer onto the exposed fruit to create perfect pineapple rings.

    • £10.66

      -3 PIECES -Capacity: 1L, 500ml, 200ml - Stackable - Hermetic silicone sealing - Includes manual vacuum pump for sealing - Suitable for microwaves and dishwashing machines

    • £4.92

      The JOCCA Spice Rack is a great decoration element for your kitchen. It includes 4 glass jars to store the condiments fresh and nitty and the stainless steel lids guarantee a great conservation.

    • £9.83

      Set ahorro 2 rollos de film de repuesto para la envasadora modelo 4999 o 4997 JOCCA, de 10 mts cada uno.

    • £16.45

      The JOCCA Cheese Cutting Board is the perfect element to impress your guests and give a sophisticated touch to your table. With 4 knives each one for a different type of cheese, the JOCCA Cheese Cutting Board is the perfect gift for that foodie person.

    • £20.58

      The JOCCA 7in1 Slicer and Dicer includes 7 different types of blades and a multicutter function. With the JOCCA 7in1 Dicer you will be able to chop all type of vegetables and others. It also includes a mandolin function so you can chop safely and without cutting yourself small fruit or vegetables.

    • £14.01

      The JOCCA 5in1 Slicer and Dicer includes 5 different types of blades and a multicutter function. With the JOCCA 5in1 Dicer you will be able to chop all type of vegetables and others. It also includes a mandolin function so you can chop safely and without cutting yourself small fruit or vegetables.

    • £7.96

      JOCCA Drinking Water Pump is a Manual Water Pump for bottled waters. Suitable for 3 litres and 5 litres bottles. Ideal for sports events, camping, home and office. The pipe length is 35cm and dimensions are 18x8cm.

    • £4.13

      Take control of your spice cabinet with this JOCCA 3 Tier Spice Organizer. Restore order to those bottles and keep the chaos under control while keeping an eye on your entire collection. Dimensions: 25x9x37-65 cm

    Showing 1 - 24 of 117 items