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  • £20.62

    This heat pad is perfect to warm up the bed or your baby's cradle. With two different heat settings, retains the same level of constant heat at the touch of a button. This 60x40 cm pad is perfect to relieve muscle aches as well as menstrual pains. The JOCCA heat pad is perfect for cold and damp places.

  • The JOCCA Foot Warmer & Massager is perfect to warm up your feet when arriving home, and be cosy while reading or watching TV. Besides, you can receive a relaxing massage on your feet. With the double heat and massage function, the JOCCA Foot Warmer and Massager is perfect for people with arthritis or a sporty person.

  • £41.24

    The JOCCA Electric Blankets offers you a high quality blanket at the cheapest price. This heated blanket is made with ultra-fine wires so you can get the biggest comfort and have a great cosy night's sleep. Measures: 160x120cm

  • £8.22

    Saquito de semillas con forma de peluche, para aliviar molestias musculares y para aliviar el frío. Usar estos saquitos de semillas en los días de invierno para no sentir tanto frío es una maravilla, si tienes peques en casa les encantará ya que dispones de 4 modelos diferentes de peluche, hay saquito de semillas con forma de perro, de oso, de gato y de...

  • £32.98

    Warm up your bed in a few minutes with this Heated Underblanket by JOCCA. With three different heat settings, you can have a warm and cosy night's sleep. Measures 150x80 cm

  • £24.71

    The JOCCA Heated Wrap is designed to simultaneously soothe sore neck and back muscles. This Heated Wrap adjusts perfectly to the body thanks to the straps. The JOCCA Heated Wrap includes a comfortable remote control and 3 different heat settings.

  • - With a central pocket - Made by a pleasant and soft fabric. - Perfect to use at home and outdoor - Easy to storage, it occupies - 100% Polyester - Dimensions: 137*180 cm

  • £16.49

    Cojín para sofá Jocca, estos cojines para sofás resultan muy prácticos para tener en la habitación, en el salón o para llevar en el coche para largos viajes. Son cojines para sofás que se convierten en edredón con sólo un movimiento.  Los cojines para sofás ocupan muy poco espacio tan solo 45cm x 45cm y resultan muy cómodos, y se convierten en grandes...

  • £16.49

    AGOTADO Cojines para sofás Jocca, estos cojines para sofás se convierten de manera rápida en fabulosos edredones.  Sin ocupar espacio, tienes un fantástico edredón para taparte en el sofá, con el espacio que ocupan los cojines para sofá tienes un maravilloso edredón. Un cojín para sofá en color granate de 45cm x 45cm, que se convierte en una maravillosa...

  • £41.28

    Relax in the comfort of your home Heat/vibrations system Car power supply connector 8 massage modes, 4 intensity programs Remote control for easy operation It covers the surface of the back completely

  • £99.13

    The JOCCA Massaging Bed Rest is designed for reading or working while sitting in the bed. It's designed to provide back support and comfort.With two different intensity settings, the JOCCA Backrest Pillow gives incredible massages and also includes a soothing heat function. The JOCCA Massaging Bed Rest is a versatile product which has many uses: can be...

  • £21.93

    With the JOCCA Heated Electric Clothes Airer, no matter the weather. You can dry your clothes with ease with this 100 watt electric airer. The JOCCA Heated Airer is made from stainless steel and it has a 6.4 metres clothes a¡hanging area.

  • £28.88

    The JOCCA Blanket Cushion easily zips open to convert from a padded cushion to full cotton blanket. Perfect for sporting events, car travel, tailgating, picnics, camping, summer concerts and much more. save space with the JOCCA Blanket Cushions.

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

Your home always at the ideal temperature

No one likes to be cold at home or work. Although most sites are equipped with heating, either individual or central, sometimes it is not enough. That's why in Jocca Shop we give you a multitude of solutions in heat.

What can I buy in this category?

Electric pads, heat massagers, electric blankets, blankets and comforters, heat bags, heated beds and thermos among many other options.

Several low cost tricks to fight the cold

Keep the bed warm by starting to keep the sheets thin for the summer. We recommend using several layers and bags of water or electric blankets, plug them five or ten minutes before going to sleep, so that you have a very pleasant feeling at bedtime and catch the dream right away.

While you wait for the bed to get warm, you can have an infusion or warm milk before going to sleep, relax you and help you sleep. It is a good trick to get warm at any time of the day. For that we recommend a good thermos, it will help you to always have a hot drink at hand, without having to take multiple walks in the office or without the unpleasant sensation of bringing a cold infusion to your mouth because you have distracted yourself.

The massages are some of the most pleasant solutions, they will activate the circulation which will help you lose the sensation of cold, in any case, our massagers have a function of heat. Because when cold moisture enters the bones or joints, an extra is necessary to remove such annoying pains.

Take advantage of daylight as much as you can, but when the sunlight goes down, the best thing you can do in winter is snuggle on the couch and relax with a book or a good movie. And we have exactly what you need for that moment.

Offers and promotions all year in Jocca Shop

Jocca Shop has offers, coupons and air conditioning promotions. Offers in electric blankets and offers in heat massagers. Promotions on electric blankets and promotions on heat massagers. Coupons to buy electric blankets and coupons to buy heat massagers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or questions about the different products. Make the best choice for your needs with the help of our professional advisors, we help you make the best and most efficient purchase in Jocca Shop.