• £9.87 £16.45 -40%

    £9.87 £16.45 -40%
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  • £17.33 £28.88 -40%

    The JOCCA Steam Cleaner is a handheld-steam cleaner. The JOCCA Steam-Cleaner heat up water and produce steam in order to clean surfaces at high pressure. Shift dirt and grease and kill bacteria fast and efficiently with the JOCCA Steam Cleaner.

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  • £6.42 £10.70 -40%

    The JOCCA Balance Air Pad can help you to tone and shape your body, as well as improve balance, lose weight, and help prevent injuries. The Balance Air Pad is made from a tough, durable, vinyl material and features a spiked surface which provides constant stimulation.

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  • £41.24

    Whether you are looking to tone and strengthen, improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit, the JOCCA Fitness Ball is easy to use and effective. Increase the results of any exercise performed on the ground by moving it onto the JOCCA Fitness Ball.

  • £32.98

    Masajeadores Jocca, unos fantásticos masajeadores, gran gama de masajeadores, en concreto este colchón masajeador resulta totalmente práctico. - Colchón masajeador con 5 zonas de masaje: masaje para cuello, para espalda, masaje para lumbares, masaje de los gemelos y muslos. - Diferentes intensidades. - Función de calor calmante. - Medidas: 172cm largo...

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  • £12.89 £21.49 -40%

    The JOCCA Himalayan Salt Lamps it’s like having an open window, a softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air on your desk, in your living room, next to the bed, or anywhere you choose to put it. Thanks to the curative properties of the Himalayan Salt, this JOCCA Lamps cleanses and deodorizes the air, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms and eases...

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  • £10.24 £17.07 -40%

    The JOCCA Hand Blender is proven to produce fine and even results. The anti-splash feature ensures extra light, simple activation, meaning a spotless kitchen. Compact and convenient: super compact for minimal storage space. Includes a 600ml glass.

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  • £29.73 £49.55 -40%

    DISPONIBLE EN JUNIO Batidora amasadora de Jocca. Más información en la descripción.

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